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Fri Jun 10 2022
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It’s always interesting to me to know how people ended up coming to Arizona. What makes a person leave one place for another? Once I came to Arizona, in 2004, I fell in love with the environment, the climate, the landscape, the desert that we are in. But I was missing community until I started meeting people and exchanging stories about our journeys. Our common theme was that many of us or our ancestors came here not knowing what we/they would find or how long we/they would stay – but something pulled/pushed us here, either recently or centuries ago. Our Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander brothers and sisters are indigenous to the U.S. lands and territories; people of Asian heritage were here before nation-hood. Over the centuries, people immigrated in waves from all parts of the globe in a pattern that corresponded with both global forces and U.S. immigration policies. Each person who came had a unique story to tell – one piece of the collective story.   

It helps to know each others’ histories as we prepare ourselves for changes to come. Today, I am sharing a piece written by Vikram Doctor in the wake of hate crimes against Sikh Americans and Muslims in 2012: How Sikhs migrated to US, fought prejudice and built a community. This story reminds me of how national shifts and policies can impact our personal relationships and lead us to question our sense of belonging. 

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